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How do you grip your 442

When punching paper I run the web of my hand as far up as possible up the back strap which takes two hands to get in position. My problem is in that position it's a bit hard on my trigger finger because at that angle I can't just pull straight back using the first finger pad or joint, but instead I have to partially use the finger bone side.

Also, if I ever have to pull it in sd, I can't very well tell the bad guy to wait a second while I use two hands to slide my right hand to the top. I know that if it got pulled, I would simply grip it as it comes out of my pocket. The problem with that is the gun is not quite as stable. Another problem with running my grip to the top is that it hammers my thumb bone. Anyone shoot theirs without going to the top? Anyone use theirs with regular 38's and not plus p's? When I do carry I use plus p's. Thanks.

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