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My bottom line is this - anyone who is going to have and shoot guns should keep all illegal drugs out of their lives - no exceptions (even pot and "medically prescribed" pot), and abstain from alcohol and any legal drugs that can possibly impair your reflexes or judgment, whenever that person is going have a gun on his person or be around guns, like hunting and shooting at the range.

That's just the rule that I live by and expect others to live by - right or wrong makes no difference to me.
While your expectations are honorable, I can assure they are not honored. Would you care to guess how many LEO's are out there doing their job everyday that are prescribed some form of mind altering drug... I happen to personally know more then just a few. Some on pain killers, some downers and yet still others on uppers.
And yes some prescribed by the dept. shrink.

Hell, far as that goes, when one of our bigger local cities instilled an ordnance of 'no smoking in city vehicles', almost half the police dept. was on Welbutrin(sp) prescribed by their Drs. to help them quit smoking. Welbutrin is mind altering and was developed as an anti depressant to be prescribed by physicians for depression but has been also known to help people quit smoking.

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