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It blows my mind that for one second anyone could believe that a new law is a means to an end. Laws against DUI, rape, robbery, etc... Never prevented any of the afore mentioned atrocities.

Murder. Several laws against that I'm sure. I don't need to know the verbiage of any of them to know in the morel fiber of my being that such acts are wrong.

Let us reduce the body count from thirty to ten. That's ..... Better/less wrong. ???

I was fed plenty of morel fiber when I was a kid. That must be my problem and the reason why it's impossible for me to digest how any law written in the next six months could do any better than the original 10. (Then again... We made it illegal to share those with the youth at some point)...

We decided as a nation long ago that it was no longer PC to keep things simple in terms of right and wrong. Therefore... Go ahead and ban hi cap magazines. Ill be here with millions of other people shaking my head the next time 20 innocent people get shot up or run over or blown to smithereens by some Godless whack job. This problem won't go away as any real attempt at a solution has long since been deemed unconstitutional.

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