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You can find out when the gun was made by the date code on the bottom of the barrels at the breach. The code will be in a small box and roman numerals some times regular numbers. The date code can be found at shotgunworld in the Beretta stickies.

Are your barrels chrome lined?
Yeah, I know. I posted a couple of days ago it was made in 79. No not chrome.

Some day I just may buy a Pedersoli product. But before I do. I think its best to hear some feedback before hand. Concerning Pedersoli products from one who owns their product/s. Tell me like it is please.
Whacha wanna know Sureshot? I like it. It is very light tho and its kind of dainty. It seems to be high quality. Wood to metal fit is very good and the 33 year old finish on the barrels has held up well. The barrel key is pinned which I've never seen done on a repro unless it was a custom build. The muzzles are very thin so there will be no screw in chokes used. I haven't fired it for accuracy or to check barrel regulation but I did hit a pumpkin four times with a good bit of shot from around 20 yards. When I get some more wads and cards I'll give it a workout.
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