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Before condemning the Howa's accuracy or assigning bullet pickiness to the 6.5 x 55, I think I would make sure that shooting technique is completely ruled out as a reason for less than adequate results. And I mean no offense, but often we make judgements on the basis of too little shooting, or hasty shooting. Your rifle is equipped with a swivel bipod. Were you shooting off the pod with no support at the buttstock but your shoulder? Were you prone on the ground or at a bench? Your groups show a tendency to give vertical stringing. No well-supported, pillar-bedded, floated rifle should do that, especially with a cartridge as accurate as the 6.5 X 55. The indication is that something other than the gun or cartridge is involved here. A weak mainspring or rough channel for the striker could give erratic ignition also leading to vertical groups.
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