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Went by the gun shop today...

I had a chance to stop by one of my favorite gun shops on the way to work today. It was about 10:45 AM on a Tuesday. In the past when I dropped in about this time on a weekday the shop was sparsely populated. In the past, there would be just two customers and three people behind the counter. Today, there were 15 people waiting to have their number called so they could get the help of one of the counter people. There were four people working the counter. I was taken aback by all the people there on a weekday morning.

Then, one guy waiting in line said to me "looks like all the Obama supporters have shown up!" with great sarcasm in his voice. We struck up a conversation and he told me of an area to go shooting that is closer to my house than any public range so all was not lost.

Funny thing is I wanted to look at Cowboy Action guns (single action top break revolver, lever action carbine in the same caliber, and a double barrel shotgun). Not any of the semis that people we drooling over.

Hopefully this is not the start of another beat the gun banning panic buy like in 2008. As for me, I left the shop without being served as I did not have the time to wait.
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