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So just to clarify, some of you are reading .45 Colt as .45 ACP, I'm not talking about ACP's, I'm talking rimmed, long, 1872, .45 Colts.

Mobuck, unfortunately career choice is no kind of magic bullet. Resources are very limited right now, especially in that "disposable" part of the equation. I'd put it pretty near impossible that my dad would spend this kind of money on something for his own pleasure more than once this decade. He will be investing in professional instruction for my whole family though, that's a safety thing.

Cogito, that's a great piece of information, convertible guns. That may well be something he'd like to look into. I'd look into that myself.

Mello, I'll certainly look into those S&W's, like everything else, but I really have a thing for the looks of a Colt.

Rainbow, exactly, when I've held my friend's .38 in the past, the grip just doesn't fill my hand, my fingers wrap around too far, which puts the trigger finger at an uncomfortable angle. I wear size 16 shoes, and I can never find gloves, my hands are extremely large. I'll have to hold one, but I see a bigger revolver fitting me much better.

Clyde, I will definitely be buying used. We're certainly getting familiar with the laws, we're in Massachusetts, so there's alot of them. What's the issue with over oiling; I've been known to do such things. I would ceeertainly never be loud about having a weapon, even one locked up at home, and good god I'd never take one near a bar! I hope to never have to use my handgun even on an animal, let alone a person, but of course if I ever did, it would have to be beyond the last resort, I think I'd already have to be wounded myself. I'm very level headed, and excellent in a crisis, if I ever drew it, I doubt I'd even have it loaded.

And Dyl, I've been taught from childhood not to point so much as my finger at something I'm not trying to shoot. I was always annoyed when my parents wouldn't let me point my cap guns at my friends, but I'm thankful for that early training now, it's total instinct. The ground is the only place for the end of a barrel.
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