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Does a 380 38 and smaller have enough punch to get thru say a thick full grain leather biker jacket and vest and still have enough left to get in the engine room of a 230 lb plus likely very mad person??? Thanks in advance. Ghost
Yes and No. Bullets never perform the same from shot to shot. There have been cases where people have taken multiple shots to the chest of .357 and lived and cases where people have gotten hit just right with a .22 short and died on the spot. Instead of focusing on caliber choose a platform you shoot the best and conceal well. I have carried in the past .357, .38 special, 9mm, for a short stint .40, and usually these days I am packing a Sig 232 in .380. I feel perfectly confident in where I can place my shots with the gun I am carrying, therefore I feel perfectly comfortable carrying a .380. Will a 9mm penetrate deeper than a.380 most times, sure, but that doesn't make the .380 obsolete.
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