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380 and smaller??

Let me prefix this by saying im not a noob to handguns shooting tactics etc.
However other than 22lr as a kid all my handguns have been 9mm or larger all my life with 357 my favorite though at present i carry a pt945
Im sure there are more knowing folks here than myself ( one never knows everything unless you are my ex wife ). So I ask the good folks here.
I ride motorcycles. A lot. Bikers are predominately who I am around and my bike is my normal means of transportation. This translates into most of the people I am around are 230 lbs or better and at minimum wearing a heavy leather vest, colder weather add a thick tough leather jacket capable of withstanding 100 foot slides down the pavement under that vest.
Im very comfortable with 45 and 357 to deal with anything short of body armor. Fairly comfortable with 9 mil to get thru the cowhide and go deep enough. About all I know about 380, 38, and smaller is that they are weaker and will cut a paper target since I have shot them very little and till now never concerned myself with them.
Does a 380 38 and smaller have enough punch to get thru say a thick full grain leather biker jacket and vest and still have enough left to get in the engine room of a 230 lb plus likely very mad person??? Thanks in advance. Ghost
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