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Yeah 500lbs of meat is no joke. My dad shot a mule deer earlier this year as well so that was another 60-80 lbs. And we have been cutting steaks and roasts boneless, so that's 500+ pounds of MEAT! We all share it, my dad has 2 big freezers full at his place. My family (me, wife, 2 kids) will eat at least 200 lbs of it this year. My brother also has a family and my parents (mostly dad) eat the heck out of it too. When we host bbq's and other get togethers, we're serving elk. Nobody ever complains. You can't beat elk burgers over oak coals.

We do give a few bags out to family and good friends who need/want it, but we eat about 90% of it and none of it goes to waste. Elk season is a big deal to us.
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