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Our archery season runs from the last week of Sept. till the first week of Feb. This year the exact dates are Sept 29, 2012 thru Feb 3, 2013.

I don't mind about our long bow season as most don't bow hunt much past opening day of shotgun season which is always the first Monday after Thanksgiving.

The way our seasons are set up the deer don't get much of a chance to settle down into their normal patterns before the on slot of the calvary(hunters) shows up in the woods for another gun season of some sort.
We have our week long shotgun season(again starting 1st Monday after Thanksgiving) , then two weeks after that we have a two day shotgun, then our bp is beginning of Jan. As you can see, just about the time the deer are settling back down to bow hunt another gun season.
The only time a hunter may get a chance to catch them in their natural pattern would be the last couple weeks of Jan.
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