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OK, quick update on this project.

I have installed a 26" Green Mountain .311" groove diameter barrel and chambered it for 7.62X39mm, drilled and tapped for Leupold scope mounts, installed a Dayton-Traister cock-on-open kit and trigger, a DT safety, and replaced the bolt handle. There are a few issues to be resolved still: the barreled action needs to be blued (no biggie), the bolt handle needs to be inletted into the stock (it's going to live in the sporterized military stock for now), the extractor claw needs to be moved in to grip the smaller head of the x39 case, and because the 7.62X39 is such a short cartridge the last round wants to jump out of the mag when the bolt is opened (I will probably resort to a magazine block). I will have these issues resolved and submit a range report before too much longer. I have an old Bushnell scope I use for sighting rifles in, and it will do just fine for this project.
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