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2006: Ruger GPNY, surplus .38spl 4" revolver(DA only)....

In the summer of 2006, I purchased a Ruger GPNY revolver from . It was brand new, unfired.
I paid around $425.00 USD for it. The revolver was DA only & had no spur. It was a .38spl & could not fire .357magnum.
I used it often on armed security posts. I put a after market Hogue Tamer rubber grip on it.
The GPNY was produced by Ruger in 1991. It came with the first yellow Ruger box & NYPD(GPNY) printed owner's manual. The good ole boy & FFL holder in AL told me he cleaned out a old locker/storage area & found a few unsold firearms.
The fixed sight GPNY was a great sidearm & a value. I used the revolver for about 3 years, then sold it due to $$$ problems.

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