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... I called DPMS this morning and tried to pin down if it has an F marked front sight or the shorter sight. The guy on the other end just kept saying any carry handle will work with my gun. I asked if a Bushmaster handle would work on my gun. Same answer. He didn't offer to sell me a detachable handle so I guess they don't sell them...
ratshooter, the guy at DPMS doesn't know his product or doesn't care. DPMS does NOT go to any extra effort to use the proper F-marked FSB on their flat tops. Instead they use the shorter A2 FSB whether the upper is A2 (integrated carry handle) or A4/flat top. I suppose it saves them 50 cents per rifle. In fact if the guy had bothered to look at the specs you linked in the first post he'd see:

Front / Rear sight
Mil-spec A2 / none

So the FSB is the shorter A2 not F-marked!

BTW, I love your signatures!
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