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S$&#% lawyers, the errornet & "tips"....

As a young E-1 buck in the US Army MP course(basic) our company commander(a O-3 captain who once ran the personal security detail for the commanding general of NATO) told us to avoid the; "S-house lawyers" .
This was sage advice. Many "experts" are way off base or use information that can't or won't relate to the student(listener).
I avoid giving out tips or advice unless I know it's been checked, I know the source or it's a personal view(weapons gear uniform items etc).
I've talked to many US LE officers over the years who give "citizens"(people not in their sworn agency) bad advice, wrong information or way off details.
I blame the training & admin standards of the state. My state used to provide sworn LE officers with regular in service training about gun laws, concealed carry requirements, armed industry SOPs(security bail enforcement PIs etc).
The state Div of Licensing & LE standards commission ended it in 2009 due to budget cuts.
This isn't an opinion or second hand either, I was in the state meeting when the Div of Licensing official said it.
Cops like other armed professionals should avoid telling citizens things unless they are 100% sure it's true. Many uniformed LE officers are asked a 1,000,000 times by citizens about guns, tactics, vehicles, ammunition, etc.
I'd take what a sworn LE officer says with grain of salt. They are NOT held to the same standards as a regular citizen & have the agency's $, resources & labor groups to support them.

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