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My input....

From the details on your post, I'd suggest a simple, robust DA only .357magnum revolver snub like a Ruger SP101 or LCR. If you want a semi auto pistol, check out a Beretta PX4 C format in .40 or 9x19mm. Other well made pistols include a SIG P290, P224 or P229R DAK model. The LEM(Law Enforcement Modification or DA only) HK pistols; P30 P2000 HK45c etc could do well too but they are not cheap.
As a new handgun owner, I'd choose a hammer fired over a striker format(Glock Kahr M&P XDm etc). As you improve & gain skills you can upgrade to a Glock or M&P for concealed carry.
Keep your firearm clean & check it often. Dust, grit, rust & oil(s) can cause jams or misfires. Learn to prepare your weapons & related gear(spare mags white light knife OC spray etc BEFORE you leave off.

As a wise gun press writer once put; "Gunfights make terrible classrooms."

Stay safe;
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