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Sevens that is a bit harsh to say Smart Reloader.
That is not a bit harsh to say about Smart Reloader.
If you are suggesting that their products aren't as bad and/or useless as my post my suggest -- that's certainly your opinion.

However, my hate with the seething, white-hot intensity of a thousand suns comes not from the fact that ALL of their stuff is excrement, it's from their shady business practices. This is a pure Chinese bankrolled blatent RIP OFF company that designs nothing and copies established and patented tools.

Nobody will ever convince me that there is even one microscopic reason to support that yellow crap. Not you... and not ever.

Pass the word. Full and total embargo.
Attention Brass rats and other reloaders: I really need .327 Federal Magnum brass, no lot size too small. Tell me what caliber you need and I'll see what I have to swap. PM me and we'll discuss.
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