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Mike Irwin
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"to say ALL low number Springfields are unsafe is a broadly incorrect statement."

Functionally, though, it is a correct statement.

There is no way of knowing how many low-number receives are bad, nor is there any truly adequate method of testing the receiver that will provide 100% surety.

Let me give you an analogy...

Say I were to place before you a box 100 rounds of .357 Magnum ammunition.

I tell you that, of those 100 rounds, I might have accidentally loaded some of them with C4 instead of WW 296, but at the same time, I might have pulled all of the bad ones, so some of them definitely are OK.

You might fire 100 rounds without a problem.

Or, you might also, on the first trigger pull, put a chunk of recoil shield through the back of your skull.

You really want to play the odds?

Presented with a situation like that, the only possible conclusion that can be drawn is that ALL of the cartridges are unsafe, and all of them should be treated as such.
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