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Normally I cringe at the thought of cutting up a classic military rifle, but the Mosins are so plentiful & in such generally...less than pristine condition, it doesn't bother me.
With peeling varnish, rust under the woodline, sights that require tinkering to get to shoot where they're pointed, and poor triggers, they do have character but they don't have the same class as a good Mauser or Enfield.

If I ran into a very nice sample that was in great shape wood & metal-wise, I wouldn't mess with it. The one I did have rebuilt had a warped & flaking stock with a messed up handguard, and was certainly no historical artifact to be put on display & worshipped.

My other two will remain in full military trim, but I feel no remorse over making the sporter into something I actually enjoy shooting & can hit with.
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