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My hometown school has 450-ish kids, K-12. Two buildings. Two armed guards, full time, plus part-time coverage, say 4 total, conservatively. Average salary of say 25k. That's $100,000. The entire population is only a couple thousand people. You'd be asking them to pay $500/person. A family of 4 would be paying $2,000 a year. No way that's happening.
I've been in towns that small, and would point out they get funding from the state... so that 500 per person is actually a much smaller number from everyone statewide. 450 students, K-12. The days of the one room schoolhouse are long gone. K-(max) 8 may have one teacher per grade. 9-12 will certainly have more, as the teachers speciaize in their departments. But even allowing for 12 teachers for 13 grades, that's 25K a year x 12 is 300K a year for 1500 per person, and 6,000 for a family of four. Do you think they're paying that just in school taxes already? Lest we forget that's long before you start talking about other operating costs like janitorial, utilities, administration, and extra curiculars. Almost no small-town school survives on local tax dollars.
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