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Originally Posted by zbones6
I would prefer not to permanently alter the rifle.
I don't think you can really get away from doing something permanent.

Originally Posted by zbones6
I would like to not have to cut the bolt, but bending it at a harder angle is acceptable.
Forging the bolt is pretty much permanently altering the rifle. If you aren't going with the scout option you might as well D&T the receiver. To get the bolt handle to clear a low mounted scope your going to have to forge the bolt handle and possibly reshape the tang as well as change out the safety. Because of stock design to work with iron sights the scope needs to be mounted as low as possible unless you are going to change out stocks.

The other option is to use high or extra high mounts and find some way to add a stable cheek piece to bring your line of sight up to the scope. Or find a scope with generous enough eye relief to mount it in front of the bolt handle. I don't really see an easy way to accomplish what you want to do, I'd probably just shoot the rifle as is and be happy.
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