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Try the penny challenge at 100 yards. tape a penny on a target and try to hit it. You might find you and your gun are not the moa all day combo you think you are.
People sure have odd standards!

First, I hear that we have to fire like 20 rounds in 10 minutes, or some such thing, now we have to hit a penny?

A penny is a lot smaller than an inch, about 3/4 actually.

Besides which, I could miss the penny by 4 inches 5 times and still have a 1/2 MOA group, unless we've suddenly also decided that a group is only a group if it's in a certain spot?

I guess folks don't realize that the actual outer edges of a 1 MOA group with a .308 rifle could actually be 1.308 inches?

Take a .308 and put every bullet in a circle that measures 1.308". That's a 1 MOA group. If you use a .204Ruger, the circle has to be 1.204", use a 50BMG and you can go all the way out to 1.510"

Look at those numbers fellas. That's not that small. There's no time limit. You don't have to hit a penny.

1 MOA is NOT that hard!
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