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I confess to being happily in the conceal/wait and defend category. I am going to protect my wife and kids and if there are more with me they get protected also. My idea of protecting them from an active shooter situation is to get them to cover and or preferably away from the area completely. That not being an option to find some place out of site and hopefully somewhat defensible, at the very least out of sight, the shooter is likely looking for targets not intent on searching out every single person in the GAP or whatever store we might be in. An active shooter in many instances is better armed (Rifle shotgun, multiple handguns etc.), more than willing to shoot on sight without having to consider who it might be, likely wearing at least minimal body armor, with lots of ammo to spare, so at the very least I am at a disadvantage from the beginning, and I don't want to play their game, its even assuming that they are the only shooter.
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