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We shouldn't use tragedies to make political points any more than the other side should and when we make points they should be accurate and honest, not sensationalized for effect.

There are some good points and certainly situations and ideas to consider in that article but I tend to ignore anyone from either side if they start making up numbers and sensationalizing for dramatic effect.
This ^^^^

I see the author is playing the Sally Struthers card..."Do it for the children!"

“How many kids have been killed by school fire in all of North America in the past 50 years? Kids killed... school fire... North America... 50 years... How many? Zero.
Never mind the adults killed in fires or the adults killed by gunpersons. We don't like it when the opposition sensationalizes issues in a negative manner and blows things out of proportion and we should not embrace it when it is done by our side either.

Grossman makes some good points, but makes some points that are unrealistic as well. That he wasn't firemen going in after after shooters with firehoses is outright stupid. Yes, being blasted with water will make it hard to shoot effectively. However, water muzzle pressure isn't the same as water impact pressure (just like with muzzle energy and impact energy) when the target isn't right at the muzzle. Last I checked, the range of even small caliber pistols is much greater than that of water hoses.

Maybe when he says to use the fire service, he doesn't mean using firemen. He means having the police train as firemen to charge in with big, heavy water hoses to search and find the gunman. Oh sure, water hoses are safer for the "children" but who protects the police operating the hose? If they can't fire with their firearms for some reason, then water brigade officers are at a serious disadvantage compared to the shooter.

He does make a good point. If you put officers at schools for the full day, the probability of there being a mass shooting, any shooting really, goes down dramatically. If one does occur, the scope of the carnage will likely be reduced significantly if the officer performs well.

It should be pointed out that while there may not be any children killed in fires in the last 50 years, from 2003-2005, one person was killed for about every 1100 fires at schools.
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