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As was posted earlier; if .380 is all you're willing to tote, then yes it's good enough. I personally would rather go with a 9mm out of a pure logistic stand point. Shot placement is more important than caliber any day of the week, but to get proficient with your carry gun you need to be able afford to shoot it. I can go out and buy 100 rounds of bulk 9mm for $20, compared to $24 for .380.

I've personally owned a Keltec P3AT, Sig P238 and a Diamondback DB380. I utilized them all as a BUG when I was working for a SO. The Keltec was not reliable. The Sig was a nice little gun, with a good trigger and very low recoil. The DB380 was my favorite though. It just fit me well, and performed extremely well. With all that established though, I still prefer carrying a 9mm as a primary defense gun. You're getting better ballistics out of your gun, and it's cheaper to shoot.

Whatever you decide, just be sure that you're comfortable with your decision. You're the one that has to live with it.
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