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(Is there a quotes button someplace? I had to type in my quotes.)

I think I summed up the issue up there ^^^:
Originally Posted by Fleas
So Stolivar's opinion is that it is NOT an NFA weapon, but it is still not legal for deer in Ohio because it is considered a rifle. (?)
(regardless of what ammo I'm using)
I should have said "...legally considered a rifle." I get that.

This IS funny:
Originally Posted by Xfire68
It really is kind of funny though. The gun maker took a revolver and put a long barrel and stock on it and called it a rifle and he takes the stock down and cuts the barrel can't call it a revolver! LOL
...because that's where my mind was when I started off on this project. I don't get that.
btw - I didn't cut the barrel.

This is likely OT in my own thread...
As long as I'm here, let me muddy the waters further:
I'll put the stock back on the CJ, mechanically plug two of the chambers, and hunt deer with .410 slugs. That's legal, right?
Or do I still have to call it a "rifle".
Then is my Dad's Winchester .410 lever gun a "rifle"? It has a rifled bore.
Then are they both illegal for deer?
How 'bout a muzzle loading rifle? Has rifle ballistics, but is completely legal in Ohio, while a .30-30 Winchester is illegal for hunting.

I'm not arguing with you guys. My point is that the laws are sooooo convoluted that even the people who wrote them could not determine right from wrong. They need a third (or even a fourth) party to figure it all out for them.


Thanks everyone,

PS - I came across some .357 data that suggests that the same ammo fired through an 18" carbine compared to a 4" pistol sees about a 40% increase in velocity, which is almost double the energy.
I'd like to think that also applies to the CJ using the 255gr. Buffalo Bore ammo --> ~1400+ fps and ~1100 lb-ft.
Which is another reason for the long barrel.
Gun. Bullet. License.
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