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then say some years later they get hurt real bad or get MS or something and their Dr. prescribes medical MJ and they use it then? No concurrent use of guns and mj, they still have the guns, but may never shoot them again. Any lawyers on the forum care to comment?
My comment is you sound like you're trying to rationalize smoking dope and carrying concealed.

Re your question, the 4473 questions are present tense. "Are you buying.." etc. What, years later you want to go back to the dealer's store and say, "I've got to change one of my answers. I recently started smoking dope."

Seriously, in a self-defense scenario things get chaotic and screwed up in a hurry. Maybe the shooter acted in self-defense. Maybe the DA isn't going to file charges. But maybe the perp's family knows the shooter smokes dope and decides to file a suit. It all comes down to who has the best lawyer.

It's not worth the risk. People say alcohol is so much worse than dope. I don't know one way or the other. But my understanding is the human body metabolizes alcohol much faster than dope. Pot stays in the system for what, a month? If I were on a jury and the defendant had dope in his system and maybe the case was not absolutely clear cut, etc.
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