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I recently got this S&W 14-3. A real, real dog. The bluing is gone in several spots, an it really looks like it was handled-a lot- with strawberry jam soiled hands. And put away wet. Not satisfied, the previous owner decided he didn't like the way the stocks fitted him, and he smeared the things with plastic wood. A lot of it. Still not happy with the jam/plastic wood combo, he apparently put the gun away, 'cause it seemed to be almost unfired by the time I liberated it, despite the extremely ugly exterior.

Then I took it to the range, and my ugliest gun suddenly turned into the most beautiful! Cloverleaf groups form as if for themselves- this revolver forgives all my sloppiness. Crisp, crisp, crisp trigger. The only other revo I enjoy that much is my six inch Python, but the Colt looks the part. So the ugly 14-3 gets my vote.

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