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"Best" is such a subjective term,,,

Out of my 34 handguns,,,
It's not so much an individual gun,,,
But a small group of K-frame S&W's I like best.

My Models 15 & 67 are very accurate for me,,,
The K-frame guns fit my hand perfectly,,,
Maybe that's the secret right there.

My Model 12 is an absolute joy to shoot,,,
My Model 18 is my favorite plinker.

I have 22's, .25's, 38 Specials, 9mm's, 357 magnums, 44 Magnums,,,
Probably for me then the best one is my Model 67,,,
It's identical to my Model 15,,,
Just easier to clean.

The Model 15 is my favorite handgun,,,
But the stainless model 67 is so much easier to maintain.


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