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The last posts by Skans and Gott are something I agree with and live by myself. Prescription drugs can reak havoc with judgement for sure. It is best that one keep oneself as pure as possible. It was indeed a lively discussion of the hypotheticals.

One more bent on the hypothetical side that HiBC brings up about the 4473 & illegal drugs (I think the form only lists marijuana, I haven't filled out a 4473 in a long time so I do not recall), what if at the time a person fills out the 4473 they do not use cannabis; it's just not part of their life and then say some years later they get hurt real bad or get MS or something and their Dr. prescribes medical MJ and they use it then? No concurrent use of guns and mj, they still have the guns, but may never shoot them again. Any lawyers on the forum care to comment?
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