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Plus one on the Marlin 336 choice, in any caliber it shoots...(.35 Remington, .30-30, or .32 Special). I've owned a number of Winchester Model 94's in .30-30 and .32 Special and none would shoot like the Marlins. Another plus for the Marlins is that you can mount a low powered scope centerline on the receiver if your eyesight isn't all that good, and if it's a smaller scope, you don't completely destroy the handy carry characteristics of the trim lever action receiver. Just my opinion, but I really hate to scope those old lever actions,,,carrying one with out that added weight is a joy, and with a decent peep sight you can still shoot 2" gps off a rest out to 100 yds or so...

Here's a cpl of pics of two of my Marlins; the first, with a 2.5x scope mounted. It's a .35 Remington, but the more common .30-30 is identical. Below it is a .44 Magnum 336, straight stock "Texan" model. I've mounted a William WGRS peep sight on this one, and most recently added a Fire Sight front sight...a truly great timber rifle out to 100 yds or so.

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