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Someone made an interesting statement to support "what's good for the military is good for civilians" that I want to examine.

Ever hear of 1911? How about Glock? Beretta?
I own several 1911's, a Glock 17 and previously a PT-99 (Beretta knock-off). All are way too big for me to carry. The PT-99 was strictly a range gun (broke after 6 months of use); The Glock was my primary Home Defense gun for awhile, but I didn't like the trigger safety and ended up not keeping a round chambered - put it back in the safe in favor of my old S&W 659 for HD. I carry a Ruger LC9, not something you will see any military using. Other useful handguns that I would consider: Rhorbaugh R9 and the Boberg - also not something the military would ever use.

Sig Sauer? H&K?
Too big and bulky - the ones the military uses are way too big for civilian concealed carry. But I agree, both companies make fantastic guns for range use or perhaps Home Defense.

Do you have a flash suppressor on your AR? How about the AR itself?

Yeah, it came with it - I could care less about the flash suppressor. It does nothing for me. As for the AR, it's my least favorite rifle - sits in the safe and gets absolutely no range time. For rifles, I end up shooting the following way more: Savage 110 30-06; Cricket .22 with my kid; old H&R 22 magnum; AC556 for kicks and giggles;

All that being said, I like military style rifles (just not the AR) and handguns used by the Military - I just don't shoot them as much as I do guns that were specifically made for the civilian market (I know the AC556 wasn't made for the civilian market, but it's not a military rifle either).
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