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I have several lever guns ( yes I've been bitten ) seems the 30-30's will out number most other guns, so they are around in all the shops, the older guns all seemed to work well, Winchesters, Marlins, etc.

the Marlins with the solid reciever top is more conductive to scopes or better sights, but the old "buckhorn" sights on a 30-30, have probably taken more deer than any other cartridge... I think you'd do well to get one in 30-30

that said, everything from 22 to 45-70, are fun to shoot in them, there are also the traditional style guns, like discussed so far, the pistol caliber levers are really popular right now with cowboy sport shooting, & there are the "untradional guns like the Rugers, guns like Savages, Brownings, etc. that can offer more tradional bolt action type cartridges to be used, as they don't use tube magazines
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