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There are all sorts and different types of competition. But they are limited to different areas because people in different area, not all competitions are available. We may have to change what we want to get involved in.

I was heavy into High Power, but after I got my Distinguished Rifle Badge I wanted to concentrate in Bullseye Pistol hopping to work on my Distinguished Pistol Badge.

I retired ad move to Wyoming.........No Bullseye pistol shooting in this area. I still want to shoot competitively so I found a club that does a variety of action type pistol shooting every other weekend. So I do that.

Still do a bit of High Power but I have to drive sometimes 300 miles to a match. So I started putting on HP clinics to try to get something started.

I found CMP Vintage Military Rifle shooting had more interest so I went to Camp Perry and attended the CMP GSM MI instructor course and started a program at my local club/range.

I just like to shoot and had to adjust to what's in this area.

You're going to have to do some searching to find what is in your area. Try the local gun shops and ask around, contact the Iowa State Rifle and Pistol assn.

What you don't want to do, when you find what is available, is to start buying a bunch of crap before you find out what you need. Chances are, you have the necessary firearm/equipment to get you started. After you gain experience, then you can decide if you need different or more equipment.

Also I seen many times people say, "I'd like to get started, but I'm not good enough".

That's BS, learn and adhere to the 4 basic safety rules then show up at the match. Tell the people running the match you're new and need help. They are going to get you started right and safe.

All clubs I know want to expand. The way to do that is to take in new shooters and help them get started. They want you to come back and bring your friends.

There are three things that ALWAYS happens when I shoot a new venue, or go to a new range or match.

1: I learn something
2: I have fun
3: (and best of all) I meet great people
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