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I have one 35 year old 700 and one about 5 years old.
The older one is a 22-250 and if you want to shoot single shots or load the magazine and be able to shoot 5 shots, you must load the magazine and push the rounds back with your thumb if you want them to feed. Otherwise they want to jam.

The newer rifle is a .308 and you can just lay a single round in and close the bolt and it works fine. Again though, if you want to load the magazine, it works better if you push the round down and firmly against the rear of the magazine box.

The actions on both rifles are not stiff but there is definite resistance when you close the bolt. Even when empty you can feel the locking lugs engage.

I think I would be leery of a bolt gun that did not have some definite resistance at that point.

Please let us all know what you find out.

Both of mine shoot really well and have put a lot of lead downrange.

Carpe Cerveza
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