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thanks for the retail link as well... number needed ??? I already had 15-20... 30 caliber cans, & about as many 50 cal cans... right now I've moved all my bullets along the wall & put them in 50 cal cans ( & I'm a few short, but don't plan on keeping them permanently in the 50 cal cans ), waiting for a better place, I bought 12, & then later 16... 30 cal cans off evil bay so far, so I may already have 1/3 to 1/2 of what I need total... I haven't done the Contenders yet... there is a lot of cartridge variety, but I don't think I should really need more than one can each for loaded rounds & brass together ??? may have to have 2 on some that require forming of cases, from odd ball stuff, just to have a supply

if I made the trip to my brothers ( nothing planned soon anyway ) I could probably plan a stop in OK on the way... just don't know if I'm patient enough... once I start something, I like to keep at it, before another emergency pops up, & steals me away
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