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Barring a remodeling, perhaps spike strips? I kid, but in all seriousness that's a difficult one to consider. First I would think that in most circumstances though that any burglar wouldn't be inclined to break in and run upstairs immediately. Your room would probably be the most obvious target audience I think. However let me see if I have this visualized correctly. You walk into your front door, into the living room, and you room and the stairs are on one side, with the half bath on the other, with a hallway leading from the back which opens into the living room. Meaning that from the hallway, you would step into the living room and first have the stairs at your side, followed by your room. If this is the case, then when you are at your bedroom doorway, the front door is on one side, and the stairs and back hallway are on the other. This would be a good position because you could probably have you room door open and instantly see if the front door is open-if it is not, you need only face the other direction covering both the stairs and the hallway to the back. Don't. Forget that whenever possible, you should clear as much of a room before going into it by standing back from the door way and moving to the side. That way once you go in you need only briefly check the corners and then go to your position on the long hallway. Unless I have the setup wrong. Does anyone disagree with my thoughts?
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