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I cannot answer this question with a cut to one revolver. I have a S&W 500 snubnose that is beautifully made, strong as a tank, and will survives several lifetimes of medium or reduced loads. It is made for defense against dangerous game, and fits the bill, but is still a hoot to shoot, just for fun. I have two other S&W's that are perfect for their use or design: a K22 that prints a 1-1.5" group at 25 yards, with a sweet action and fine craftsmanship, and an old 2nd Model Hand Ejector converted from .455 to .45 Colt, and barrel cut to 4" - it is a fine defensive gun, as tight today as it was in 1915, and more accurate than I can hold. There is one more; a Ruger Security Six in .357. It is near new condition, still has a stiff action, but is stronger by design than any comparable sized S&W or Colt, and also more accurate than I could hope for. None are very pretty, but all are fine utilitarian weapons. I prefer the moderate blast of the .45 Colt to the .357, but the .357 has its place, and for defense, I would be right at home with either. But how can one pick a defensive gun over the pure fun to be had with a K22 in the woods?
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