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shopping for an AK parts kit for build

im looking to build an AK from parts... and well, i dont like 5.45mm at all, and 7.62 is ok, but surplus has dried up and prices are a bit on the high side (even now than ever)... so id like a 5.56mm AK... thought about going with a bulgarian '74, however, the barrels sold for 5.56mm AKs are 23mm, 74s use a 22mm trunnion...

so... should i go with a 7.62mm kit for a 5.56mm build with the new barrel and bolt face and then perhaps use galil or bulgarian 5.56 magazines? or does somewhere know where i can get a '74 compatible barrel and bolt face?

if a 74 can be converted, ill go with a bulgarian, if not.. then im unsure if i would go with a polish underfolder kit, or a bulgarian 47 kit which is made for a milled rifle, but i guess i could buy a bulgarian made 23mm trunnion and rear trunnion to convert it for a stamped build

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