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Lots and lots of military technology is directly involved in our guns and accessories and it works.... That's not to say every military device is appropriate but much of it is..
I think we're pretty much on the same page. I don't think anyone was saying that military gear isn't good - just that the military using something doesn't necessarily mean it works (or is needed) for civilian self defense.

"I have a hard time picking up a sight picture at night, a laser helps" is a good reason to use a laser.

"SWAT/the USMC uses them" is not such a great reason by it's self.

If you've already decided you need a specific piece of equipment (pistol, rifle, laser, etc) finding out what the military uses is probably a good idea. You can be fairly sure that if the military uses something it's been pretty thoroughly vetted and tested. But they do have a lot of equipment that - while very well built - has no real purpose for SD.
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