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So,without making any value judgement on marijuana itself(frankly,because my opinion just does not matter)

These posts have determined:

That a medical marijuana prescription card documents you as (federally) unlawful user of a controlled substance.That is part of you medical records,which will soon be in a Federal database.

If you sign and swear,at the same time,that you are not an unlawful user on your 4473 form,you have provided documentation you are guilty of a felony(lying on the 4473)

If you look at similar topic in legal and civil rights,you will see text of the law as written that clearly states a bad drug test is evidence you made a false statement on your 4473.

Per Federal law,if you are in possesion of a firearm and a controlled substance at the same time,it is another felony.I do not know how that works out with being in posession of a firearm while drug testing positive,but it would not surprise me if it is unlawful.

OK,so if you fill out your 4473,swear you do not use,are involved in a SD shoot,you can already be charged with a felony for a false statement on your 4473 if you drug test positive.
That is pretty good evidence you lie in a sworn statement.How is that for your credibility on the stand?Suppose a prosecutor might exploit that?

Now,you have a gun,you fail a drug test,you are involved in a shooting,what are the odds there will be a search warrant for controlled substances at your residence?AAh,still a federal violation to have guns and drugs,another felony charge...How is your self defense program working out?

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