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Originally Posted by The Reaver
Are you two guys the only ones on the board with experience or interest in this class of firearm? I'm kind of surprised.
Because you specified looking for "Dueling/Target" pistol help, I thought that the question was pretty cut and dry that you're excluding underhammers, more modern styles and inline target pistols.
AFAIK Pedersoli is one of the largest, best and only current manufacturer of the target models that you're asking about that are being imported into the U.S. and which are most readily available.
Perhaps a Blue Book of Long Arms & Pistols would provide you with some information about more models that I don't enough about and wouldn't know where to buy them if I did.

An older but still useful 2nd edition of The Blue Book of Modern Black Powder Values: Second Edition from 2002 can be found used on Amazon for as low as $12.17:

I recall reading that the Le Page is an extremely accurate pistol, but I've never heard of the Continental. I think that many shooter's prefer a certain caliber, as well as the lock style. In the hands of a well-practiced shooter, I don't know why one model or lock style would be any more or less accurate than another. I suppose that the faster lock time of a percussion gun would be a benefit. But I'm reasonably sure that's not always the case. Depending on the type of competition, flint and percussion pistols may not even be shooting in the same matches. There are probably more production models available in Europe if you find a model that you really like that's not available in the U.S. or no longer made. Otherwise many target pistols could be custom or semi-custom designs that are made to order by any number of gun making outfits and/or individual builders.
Sometimes there are uncommon used models available that can be found by scouring the gun auction sites, which the importers of are not identifiable. That's because individuals can import them from Europe on their own without needing any special import license.
How much are you looking to spend?
What's the purpose, for local club matches, for more advanced NMLRA competition, or mostly for personal recreation & enjoyment?

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