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ljnowell... As a matter of fact you missed alot. I completely trust my Taurus. Not a lie. I dont give a damn what gun snob gun counter commando's think of Taurus. Not a lie. I would be willing to bet that half the people bashing Taurus have never owned one. Then you have the gun counter commando who ''knows everything'' about guns because his uncle let him work part time in his LGS. Im just letting the people who are interested that my experience with Taurus has been 100% positive.I have no idea where you came up with the crap you did unless you hate Taurus so much you hate to see one of their handguns be a solid, reliable shooter. Your problem, not mine.
Yep, that answered my questions. As usual there is that 25% of Taurus owners that feel the need to be offensive about thier ownership of them, to the point of belittling the people who buy them and get a bad one.
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