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Same problem

I just experienced the exact same problem. Part of my order was wrong, and after 2 people told me it would be taken care of, a third guy called and said "I am not going to ship things back and forth." I asked to speak to manager but he (probably same person giving other people problems) said that's not going to happen. Also he said that he did not want to sell me anything. There is much more to the conversation than I am writing here, but I have never in my 43 years had such an "anti-customer" service experience, although afterwards he did agree to follow through. I hope it gets resolved without further inconvenience. (Added later) I have received another e-mail that appears to show that I will be getting correct ammo and return label for incorrect item with the refund for the slight difference...

Added not much later; O.k... I did receive refund, correct ammo, and return label.

I have e-mailed them a note thanking them for making it right, though I had to endure an extremely horrible representative to keep the ball rolling...

.. and short of an apology, I will probably not do business with them again even though they do have the best prices I have seen on certain ammo.

I have found many similar complaints online

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