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Guidance in finding tactical handgun training in CA

I am sorry if this is either in the wrong place or is a duplicate post. Please direct me to the better thread, if so.

I was a Marine back in the first Gulf War, but that was so long ago much of my training is a distant memory. I am pretty certain, even now, that I would be proficient enough in a loud situation if I was holding an AR-15. I was a marksmanship instructor with the M16A2, and love it.

However, I do not have any confidence in my ability with a pistol. I can hit the hell out of a stationary target at the range. But I have no tactical training with a handgun. That is what I want: tactical pistol training. Does anyone in the San Francisco Bay area know where I can get that kind of training?

I do not want to buy a handgun and be ridiculously bad with it and have someone hurt my family with my own gun. Until I feel like it would be more dangerous to an invader than to me and mine, I am holding off on purchasing a handgun. I would greatly appreciate guidance, though, and thank you for your time.

(Note: Yes, I understand that many may feel tempted to tell me to just buy an AR-15. The issue is that in a sudden home-invasion, such as we have been having in Foster City, there is no time for me to unlock my cabinet, load my AR, and take action. It may as well be a paperweight in the scenario I worry about.)
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