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I don't know about the Jmeck, but the cantilever design tends to flex/vibrate, according to the friend of a friend. I have two Yugo's an M24/47 and an M48A, the 24/47 has been sporterized (d&t the action) with Leupold bases & mounts, that rifle shoots 1-1/4" @ 100 yds. I left the M48A in standard military dress it shoots 4"-6" @ 100 with military sights. I definitely want another 24/47 to leave in military guise. But unless you go with a scout mount , I think you will have to alter the rifle (d&t) or live with iron sights. I did however put a "Mojo" (ghost ring) sight on my 98K and that reduced my groups to 3"-4" at the bench. All this was done with my handloads. Good Luck !! The sporter has a Boyd's walnut stock.

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