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My HD dilema

Don't get me wrong, I love my house. However, I have never felt really comfortable with defensive options.

The door to the master bedroom is about 5 feet from the foot of the stairs on ground floor and parallel to the first steps. The stairway can be approached from the front door(which involves crossing the living room and a large foyer area right in front of my door) or the rear (by means of a hallway which leads from the kitchen/dining/breakfast nook area).

The issue is that all my kids sleep upstairs. I would of course prefer to minimize movement and exposure, but I need to be able to cover the stairs.

My current plan involves opening bedroom door and quickly moving to half-bath about 5 ft away (door perpendicular to my BR). From there I can cover both the stairs and the door to my bedroom (where my wife would still be). The biggest issue is the movement involved. I have an alarm system, so I'm hoping a typical BG would at the very least hesitate at the entrance long enough for me to take up my position.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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