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Quentin I was hoping you would come back and explain more about the quality handles. Of the ones on the Amazon link you posted which ones would you recommend? If they have windage and elevation adjustments do you still recommend getting the .040 taller front sight?

I found several Weaver carry handles. Are they any good? Sorry to bug you but I need your knowlege.
ratshooter, I can't recommend any of those Chinese carry handles on Amazon. I listed them just to make the point that there are many knockoffs and we really don't know a thing about them.

As far as which carry handle would I recommend - a milspec height one like Colt, BCM, PSA and others sell (more listed above). If your DPMS front sight is the shorter A2 height then you can buy the Bushmaster) .04" taller post if you can't zero. What happens is you keep unscrewing the front sight to zero for elevation and if you have to go too far the sight post starts flopping around ruining your windage zero. The tall post fixes that, as it did on my ArmaLite. It's a beautiful solution since later you'll probably move on to a flip up sight and already have the proper height front sight.

Here's an eBay auction for a brand new US made milspec carry handle, $41 now and looks like it could climb to $75 (used would be less):

"The Spike’s Tactical Mil-Spec A2 Carry Handle is a fully Mil-Spec Carry Handle that’s machined from a 7075 Aluminum Forging and coated in a Mil-Spec Type III Hard Coat Anodized finish. Our Carry Handle also features staked thumb screws, an A2 Aperture, 6/3 windage drums, and of course is of Mil-Spec height that’s compatible with F-Marked A2 Front Sight Bases."

And below is another auction for a US made carry handle but the seller doesn't understand the different heights. He calls it Colt and milspec but from the picture I can see it's a DPMS, etc. shorter version. (The steel ears that protect the sight are short and fall below the aluminum handle part unlike the Spikes above.) The seller is probably honest but mistaken, this did not come off a Colt. It is US made because I can see a square forge mark which is a good one, Brass Aluminum Forging Enterprises.

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