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As far as rural folks being surprised by LEO response times, if they are they must have just moved from the city. I was born raised and live in the hills of Ky 13 miles from the nearest tiny little town. A call to 911 for LEO even to a shooting in progress is about as helpful as a prayer for Wild Bill Hickok to appear.
They will show up. Eventually. In likely about half a hour or so.
Which is why those of us who live the boondocks should call as early as possible in the encounter, if it is reasonably possible under the circumstances. (Hint: it won't always be.)

Even though it rubs against the grain, that early call is even more important for us than it is for the city folks. Why? Because the gun in your hand does not make you immune to incoming fire. If today is your day to get shot, stabbed, or bludgeoned, it would be nice if the kind people who know first aid were already on their way when it happened -- seeing as they have such a distance to travel.

Here's an example of the sort of encounter I'm talking about. This woman picked up her shotgun, covered the door, and called the cops. She wanted help to come, but she wasn't relying on them to get there in time -- that's what the guns were for. It took them "too long" to get there (she had to shoot the intruder, so sad...). But if anything had gone wrong with her primary defense plan, if she had been injured and become unable to call once contact was made, she would have been okay because she had help already on its way to her. Smart!

Here's another. Same sort of deal. Listen to the whole thing, beginning to end.

There's no shame in calling for help, if you have time and the circumstances reasonably allow for it.

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