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Spray and pray won't win the day. I'll take five controlled, dead on hits with stout rounds of .45 colt PD over 15 rapid fire 9mms with 80% hits any day of the week

I could show you different, as could a lot of other people on SA speed.

They are most defiantly not a good CCW for an unexperienced shooter/user. I shoot and drill with them so much the loading, unloading and firing has become second nature. I get dazed looks at the range all the time while unloading (and I would consider myself slow, compared to a really good SAA shooter.)

It's all how you know the gun, and what you can do under stress. There are people that can load, empty (accurately) and reload a semi auto in mere seconds....then there are some I've shot right next to that struggle to HIT a target at 7 yards with a condition one auto while I can fire 10 rounds touching at 10-15 yards before they can empty a 15 round mag doing 1-fire-1-fire-1-fire-1......

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